Large Game Hunting

Large game hunting is all about spending time in the great outdoors and harvesting healthy natural food. Hunting offers a considerable recreational value and unique opportunities for socializing with good friends or colleagues. The excitement of the hunt, the expectation, and the potential reward is what makes us dream about those early morning fall days with a rifle hanging over our shoulder. And as soon as the days’ hunt is over we find ourselves dreaming about the next one. Large game hunting is tightly regulated in Norway and managed according to individual areas, and both access and quotas are decided upon dependent on a range of factors. Access to hunting is dependent on how the hunting rights are allocated. Some private landowners may keep their hunting rights to themselves while others sell hunting licenses or hunting rights for a specific period of time. Some even offered guided hunting experiences. Here you will find a fine selection of well organized hunting offers, including some top notch opportunities which are definitely worth considering for next season’s hunting trip.