Tunheims ­Fjørå ­Lodge ­offers ­Deer ­Hunt ­at ­Fiskå, ­in ­Vanylven ­municipality, ­Norway

We offer hunting packages consisting of permits of a total of 12 deers, divided in 3 periods or sold together as a packed. Hunting Period . 1) 1/9 to 4/9 (arrival 31 […]

We offer hunting packages consisting of permits of a total of 12 deers, divided in 3 periods or sold together as a packed.
Hunting Period

1) 1/9 to 4/9 (arrival 31 August, departure 5 September) 5 nights

2) 1/10 to 4/10 (arrival 30 September, departure 5 October) 5 nights

3) 9/10 to 12/10/10 (arrival October 8, departure 13 October) 5 nights

For each period we offer 1 adult buck, 1 adult hind, 1 spike/ young hind and 1 calf. The package can be registered for up to 6 hunters. The hunting area is 5.8 km2

All periods can be sold to one hunting team. In that case, additional hunting days may be available.

In 2018-19, more than 90% of the quota of 200 animals was killed.

Description of Hunting Area

The hunting area extends from the fjord up to the mountain, on both sides of the village. Hunting areas consists of green fields and uncultivated areas with mixed forests. Partly steep in the northern part of the terrain. The terrain is suitable also for those with disability of lack of physical training.

In the hunting field there are good posting places on migratory routes between grazing areas in the valley floor and the day rest areas in the mountainsides. The hunting field is suitable for both posting and stalking hunts.

Accommodation takes place in Tunheims Fjørå Lodge (tunheimsfjora.com) just a few minutes from the hunting terrain. The hunting team will stay in a cabin ( Kong Ring) with room for a total of 6 people divided into på 3 double bedrooms with “en suite” bathrooms.

Slaughter and hanging of meat take place in approved premises.

Jaktpakken inneholder jakt for fire hele dager med ankomst kvelden før og avreise dagen etter siste jaktdag.  Det legge ut tre pakker med følgende tidspunkter:

  • Pakke 1:  Jakt   1.9 –   4.9 (ankomst 31.08 og avreise 5.9)
  • Pakke 2:  Jakt 1.10 –   4.10 (ankomst 30.09 og avreise 5.10)
  • Pakke 3:  Jakt 9.10 – 12.10 (ankomst 08.10 og avreise 13.10)

Included in the rent

  • The killing fee includes the cost of search dog and handler
  • Freight of killed game to slaughter facility, dedicated slaughter facility, emoval of slaughter waste.
  • Transport of hunters to and from the hunting grounds (about 10 min)
  • Area guide

Conditions of rent

  • Terrain fee covers access to the hunting grounds for the hunting period
  • Killed animals are paid according to the price list. The amount is settled in the aftermath by number of animals killed
  • Purchase of meat by price list
  • Up to 6 hunters are included in the price. The hunting leader (buyer) is responsible for providing the name and address of all the hunters who will be hunting in the field. This is due to take place by 1. August in the hunting year. At the same time, the hunting leader must ensure that documentation is attached that shows that everyone who is going to hunt has paid the hunter’s fee, passed the large animal hunting test( approved by Norwegian authorities)
  • All hunting shall take place with specified guidelines and contracted between MoEik Drift and the hunter/hunting team
  • Accommodation will take place in «Tunheims Fjørto Lodge»
  • The terrain fee shall be secured via the signed contract between the landlord and the tenant. MoEik Drift AS designs the contract. The contract for the rental period shall be signed by 1 August 2020, alternatively in reasonable time by the start of the hunt
  • Terrain fees and accommodation on estimated hunting days are paid in advance
  • Forward rent is not allowed
  • Price list accommodation Tunheims Fjørå Lodge
  • High end accommodation with possible all meals included. Alternatively, own catering
  • The cabin « Kong Ring » NOK 4500,- / per day for a total of 6 hunters.
  • Price includes the use of 18 foot fishing boat with equipment, kayak, SUP’s and jacuzzi/ sauna. Included are also bed linen, towels, bathrobe, slippers and soap products.
  • Full board 3 meals NOK 750,- / per person. Alcohol is not included.
  • More info: www.tunheimsfjora.com

Example Hunting costs 6 hunters

  • Hunting area fee NOK 3 000 per day x 4 hunting days NOK 12 000
  • Accommodation Tunheims Fjørå 5 days / 6 pers NOK 22,500
  • 3 meals / day 6 hunters NOK 750 /hunter/5 day NOK 22,500

Total Nok 57,000

Available game killed

  • 1 Buck Nok 5 000
  • 1 Hind Nok 3 000
  • 1 Juvenile/spike Nok 3 000
  • 1 calf Nok 1,000

Total Nok 12,000

A total of 6 hunters NOK 69,000, NOK 11,500/hunter/4 hunting days/5 days accommodation, 4 deer killed.

Price list for purchase of meat, whole or half slaughter NOK 100 per kg.
Hunter only pays for killed animals according to the above price list.
NB! Animals that are shoot in the stomach(or meat damaged with bad shoots) the hunter must pay the kilo price for the whole slaughter.

  • For the collection of shoot animals in the mountains – NOK 500 per hour, minimum price NOK 300,-
  • Assistance for slaughter – NOK 500 per hour max NOK 1000 per animal.
  • Hunting guide NOK 600 per hour
  • “Area guide” included in terrain fee



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