Exclusive ­Grouse ­Hunting ­in ­Meråker ­– ­Steinsdalen, ­Week ­2

Meraker Brug is proud to announce exclusive grouse hunting in “Steinsdalen”. This offer is valid for the period between the 17th and 23rd of September. This offer includes the hunting rights for […]

Meraker Brug is proud to announce exclusive grouse hunting in “Steinsdalen”. This offer is valid for the period between the 17th and 23rd of September. This offer includes the hunting rights for grouse and other small game in for up to 6 hunters, accommodations in cabins with a quality standard, and the use of a boat for transport to the cabin as well as during hunting.


The hunting ground is available for rent through an open auction, where the winning bid covers the cost of rental including VAT. The highest bid will always be visible, and all bids will be handled anonymously.


Starting Bid: 50 000,- NOK  | Bid Deadline: 04.04.2019, 8:00 PM


Video: Hunting grouse at Meraker Brug

Description of the Hunting Ground

A unique opportunity for good grouse hunting on one of Meråker Brugs best grounds in the Meråker Municipality. The hunting ground may be used exclusively by the renter, and is one of only few rentable hunting grounds in the area. The grounds lie in the north of Meråker on the border to Verdal. The nature here is beautiful where the forest is protected as a nature reserve.


This offer includes an exceptionally good area for grouse hunting and other small game. Here you will find both black grouse and western capercaillie in the lower lying areas. This is an excellent area and which typically has a very healthy stock of birds.


This offer includes hunting rights for 6 hunters, a nice cabin on the banks of lake Feren and the use of a boat for transport to and from the cabin as well as during hunting. Rights for fishing with a net in the lake is also included in the price.

The hunting terrain is typical of the Meråker area, and this portion of Trøndelag. Scattered forests in the lower lying areas, and birch forests that thin out towards the higher elevations and the mountain grouse terrain. The hunting grounds also offer excellent mountain grouse terrain. The highest mountain in the area is Hermannsnasen at 1036 meters above sea level.


Cabin with Annex

The facilities consist of a cabin and annex with a total of 4 bedrooms, which is beautifully situated on its own right on the banks of the unregulated lake Feren. In addition, the cabin has an outhouse.

There is a solar panel for electricity and a propane refrigerator and oven. In addition there is a generator for charging pylons, radios, etc. In the annex there is a nice wood-fired sauna. All beds have duvets and pillows, so you only need to bring bed sheets.

Getting here requires a 4 km boat ride. You will be provided a sturdy aluminum boat with a 50 hp motor.


Period: 17.september – 23.september. | Total Weapons Allowed: max 6. |  Allowed Hunting Dogs: No limits.

Total Area: 6200 Acres.  |  Huntable Area: 6200 Acres.

Grouse Density 2018: 35,2 pr. km2.

Quota 2019: Established after assessment in August.


Bid Deadline 04.04.2019 |  Starting Bid: 50 000,- NOK pr. week  |  Minimum Bid Interval: 2000,- NOK


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Attention: AS Meraker Brug reserves the right to accept or reject any bid!


Terms of Rental

  • Hunting is allowed from the 17th to the 23rd of September. You may arrive at the cabin on the 16th of September and depart on the 23rd of September at 12:00 pm.
  • Up to 6 weapons are allowed. The winning bidder is responsible for providing the names of all who are to participate in the hunt. This information must be provided within September 1st the year of the hunt. The winning bidder must also provide proof that all participants in the hunt have paid the hunter tax, and that all dogs to be used have an aversion certificate (dog/sheep).
  • AS Meraker Brug establishes quotas based on the result of an assessment made in August.
  • It is allowed to hunt for forest birds, hare, and other small game within the hunting grounds, so long as special restrictions have not been applied due to weak populations.
  • All kills must be reported to AS Meraker Brug.
  • A hunting agreement must be entered into within 5 days of the conclusion of the auction. The lease of the grounds will be secured through a signed contract between the landlord and the tenant. AS Meraker Brug will draw up the contract.
  • The amount of the winning bid must be transferred to AS Meraker Brug’s account by the 1st of July. If the assessment in August determines that the stocks are to weak to be huntable, the entire amount will be refunded to the winning bidder.
  • Hunters/hunting teams will be offered the option to rent the hunting grounds for an additional 2 years at an annual rate corresponding to the winning bid of this bidding round.
  • Subletting of hunting rights is strictly prohibited.



Meraker Brug

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Pictures from Steinsdalen Hunting ground

Cabin and annex at the banks of lake Feren.


Resting dog after a successful hunt.


Excellent biotopes for grouse and varied hunting grounds at Meraker Brug.


Birds flying in beautiful and pristine nature.


Happy hunters.